PRIME PMG sponsored the regional CFO summit at the Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore last 25 August.

PRIME PMG also secured a speaking slot given by the Vice-President of PRIME PMG Singapore, Eric Shilakis where he talked about Getting Ahead by Going Back to Basics aka “Only the Lone Ranger has Silver Bullets”

Here is the synopsis of what Eric had talked about during the summit: Whether we like it or not processes drive our business so we better understand what they are.

Today, CFO’s are being asked to make decisions on large investment programs whether that is in infrastructure or organization. Many of these programs promise returns based on improved effectiveness or efficiency. What most employees or vendors do not inform CFO’s are the requirement to change work processes to actually achieve these gains. This presentation will describe what is process management, why process management is important, how process management determines your user requirements, performance measures, roles and responsibilities, training and development programs and customer satisfaction.

by: Eric Shilakis, VP, Prime PMG, Singapore

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