A New South Wales state government department engaged PRIME to assist them to increase the deployment speed and coverage of outsourced managed business process services. The objective behind the project is to enable individual agencies to focus on peak customer service delivery. find owner of domain . To ensure this, the initial focus of the project will be to identify areas where business processes can be streamlined, to reduce or eliminate the regulatory burden when obtaining appropriate licenses to establish and operate a Café & Restaurant business.

PRIME will document the current business processes at a detailed level and perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of their performance to identify interactions, cross overs, gaps, duplications and overlap of services provided by the key Agencies. The resulting output will facilitate effective change to process flow thereby improving efficiency and potentially underwriting customer value across multiple agencies. Thereafter the discovered information will be used as the foundation for reforming the processes to minimise the resources required by these businesses to transact with various government authorities.

PRIME Methodology removes complexity from business process improvement, minimizing disruption to customer personnel by focusing on key data that helps to rapidly produce maximum benefit. This project focuses on encompassing capture and documentation of the current state of business processes, as well as the process repair / improvement to create a ‘desired’ state of business processes to help the business recognise financial benefits associated with conducting process repair.

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