Implement and Monitor to realise benefits

Process Implementation and Monitoring


We employ methods, policies, metrics and tools to continuously optimise and standardise an organisation’s activities and processes. Our entire focus is to provide agility and practical process solutions to the business in order to make business operations smoother and faster to achieve dramatic cost savings.

Process Implementation:
This is the phase where the organisation will start seeing the results. PRIME has a well-articulated and proven implementation process to ensure that any system, plan or method is implemented appropriately. We develop business rules, process monitoring measures and detailed business process implementation plan to enable client organisation transition from current state to the future state. Our consultants are experienced change agents and ensure that the implementation phase is hassle free, by utilising effective change management and training techniques.

Process Monitoring:
Businesses must see the big picture across their functional areas, looking into the customer’s realm. After the process implementation, process adherence needs to be monitored. If a concerning variance exists, the reasons for non-adherence is investigated. As a result, minor process changes might need to be made, or an extended period of change management might need to be undertaken.

Industry research has shown that having people proactively engaged in transformation initiatives increases outcome benefits exponentially. Circle of Excellence is supported by PRIME Continuous Business Improvement software which promotes collaboration between process owners and participants. It has been designed to build the foundation of Business Process Improvement and to develop skills to drive continuous improvement through process and performance management for years to come.