Business Process Improvement

Desperate times call for desperate measures” Today companies round the globe face intense competition forcing them to change the way they function. It is all about differentiation and scalability that help companies survive. But that should not imply escalating cost, lowering revenues, compromising on efficiency and thereby reducing customer satisfaction. So, how does one manage […]


What do you think long-term success of a business is all about, especially in today’s dynamic economy and growing global competition? Well, it is the ability to adapt that can make a business stay ahead of new competitors, evolving technology and ever-changing customer needs. To be successful and sustain that success, a business must adapt […]


When it comes to improving business processes, organisations keep no stone unturned to sustain the market and win the race. However, more than 70% of Business Improvement projects fail to deliver expected results as they become victims to some of the biggest process improvement mistakes. Even a minor mistake towards the process improvement initiative can […]

Business Process Management to cut ost

“Look everywhere you can to cut a little bit from your expenses. It will all add up to a meaningful sum.” – Suze Orman Cost reduction is a critically important goal of every organization. Decrease in operational costs signifies higher profit margins and a better organizational budget. It is also one of the key measures […]


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”. – Colin Powell A business process improvement strategy revolves around the alignment of processes with the financial and operational health of the business, while ensuring high level of customer satisfaction. However to make it successful, businesses should be […]


With more and more organizations opting for Business Process Management (BPM) strategies these days, the whole world of business is seeing gradual yet powerful changes. Enterprises are making serious efforts to become process-centric, to streamline their business processes in order to come up with better operational structures and achieve their long-term goals. However, making these […]

“Efficiency is doing the things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. – Peter Drucker When it comes to practicing Business Process Improvement (BPI), organisations can simply not ignore the importance of the terms ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’. Both of these are essential for increasing productivity as well as improving customer service. While these two terms […]

PRIME business process services

How do we measure the success of our business? Is it about good business ideas, resourceful managers, valuable customers or sustainable policies? Well, it’s none of the above, yet all of the above. It’s only when we add all these elements together that we have a potential winning combination. TRANSFORMation is the key as change […]

continuous business process improvement

“Brilliant process management is our strategy. We get brilliant results from average people managing brilliant processes. We observe that our competitors often get average (or worse) results from brilliant people managing broken processes.”- A senior executive from an esteemed automobile company summarizes the reason behind the relentless progress of the company over the years. Business […]

continuous business improvement

“There are many businesses which are doing fine without implementing business process improvement (BPI). Can BPI change or improve anything drastically?” Well, it is not enough to know what your business does, but how your business does is equally important. It might appear to be doing well, but if it is not functioning the right […]